Gary Crocetta

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"My aim is to apply what I learn in order to lead a school in which we make a positive difference in the lives of all our students.”

Gary Crocetta

Principal, Tuart Rise Primary School

As foundation principal of Tuart Rise Primary School, which opened 2015, Gary is working with parents and the community to develop a strong vision and build a solid reputation for the school. He is developing a community of education professionals, valuing and respecting the diversity of skills and knowledge each person brings to the school.

Prior to 2015, Gary played a key role in mentoring, advising and coaching newly appointed principals. He helped build their capacity in instructional leadership and supported them to develop an understanding of their own leadership styles. He has also been principal of many country and metropolitan schools since 1993.

Gary’s change project supported primary schools to provide local access for Kindergarten students. He gained an understanding of why schools, with available accommodation, chose not to enrol all local Kindergarten students. Based on what was discovered, he provided recommendations that would support principals to facilitate local access in the future.