Frank Pansini

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“I am a firm believer that every child can be a successful learner and that every teacher can be an effective teacher.”

Frank Pansini

Principal, Aubin Grove Primary School

Frank is foundation principal of Aubin Grove Primary School which opened in 2011. He has cemented the school's reputation for high standards of achievement and excellence and equips staff to accept and share responsibility for achieving their purpose. In 2016, Frank was WA Primary Principal of the Year and the school was WA Primary School of the Year.

Prior to 2010, Frank was principal of East Waikiki Primary School where he led an improvement strategy that examined the beliefs of staff about student learning and behaviour. This led to a change in culture in teaching and learning at the school.

Innovation in practice was the theme of the change project that Frank undertook in partnership with Jim Bell. They explored innovative school-based practices made possible as a result of the increased flexibility provided by the student-centred funding model and one line budgets. They identified potential innovations in areas such as distributed leadership profiles and structures, and behaviour and attendance of students.