Eloisa Goss

Asset Publisher

Eloisa is a passionate educator who strives to be the best leader possible and to positively influence other educators within her vicinity in order to provide the best learning outcomes not just for students at Darkan Primary School, but for students at schools across Western Australia.

Eloisa Goss

Darkan Primary School

Her role is to inspire staff, students and the wider community to learn more, to do more, to dream more, and to be more. Eloisa has ensured that at Darkan Primary School, there is a continual pursuit of a culture of personal responsibility, professional obligation and collaboration, culminating in widespread ownership of school vision and purpose. Darkan’s school development days, Early Close Collaborative Meetings and Collaborative Muster Meetings provide regular opportunities for teachers to meet and contribute.

Eloisa aims to lead faithfully and with integrity as both an instructional and reflective leader. As an instructional leader, Eloisa supports her teachers to be the highest quality teachers, to work together to reach their common goal, for Darkan to be a great school, for every student to be a successful student, and for every teacher to be the best teacher. As a reflective leader, Eloisa is constantly searching for feedback and self-assessed her leadership against a variety of tools.

In her change management project, Eloisa explored the topic of Teacher Mobility. The purpose of this project was to recognise ongoing complexities in facilitating teaching mobility in regional and remote schools. The objectives of this project aimed to identify strategies and incentives that would increase pre-service teacher attraction to public education, and graduate teacher commencement and retention in regional and remote schools (beyond three years).