Doug Cook

Asset Publisher

“My goal is to lead a school that inspires a passion for learning in every student, every teacher and the wider school community.”

Doug Cook

North Cottesloe Primary School

Doug applies his professional knowledge and skills to develop and support school leaders across the State. His greatest strength, as a school leader, is facilitating the creation of a positive school culture, empowering staff to excel in their craft and engaging communities in the nurturing of children.

His strategic approach to school improvement, and his uncompromising insistence on evidence-based practice, has enabled him to support improved practice in both his own schools and those of his colleagues. He sets high standards, values professional collaboration and engages in shared decision-making to bring about ongoing school improvement and innovation.

Doug was a finalist in the WA Primary Principal of the Year in 2016.

In his change project, Doug reviewed an online proposal and approval for school excursions.