Digital directory part of Chas’ trajectory

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10 May 2024

Public school life

Carnarvon now has a new digital directory, and it’s thanks to 16 year-old Chas Law-Davis. 

The Year 11 student from Carnarvon Community College picked up some inspiration from his dad when embarking on the project, sparked by a query from a family friend that they received a decade ago. 

Chas showing his website.

“Where do I go and what do I do in Carnarvon?”  

The directory, ‘6701 Local’ (after Carnarvon’s postcode) was developed by Chas over the past year and is a thorough guide to the businesses, clubs, and events that are in the town. 

“I'm currently aspiring to be a professional football (soccer) player and I also have the goal of running my own business,” Chas said.  

“I believe this platform I've built will play a key role in helping me achieve this goal.”  

Despite juggling school and soccer commitments, Chas has been working diligently on the platform after school most days, utilising a website builder to streamline the process.  

Since its launch, in March this year, the directory has attracted more than 30 businesses and promoted more than 60 events. Chas has also received an outpouring of positive feedback for his work. 

Showing an entrepreneurial spirit, he has also found a way to monetise the platform. Local businesses can advertise on the website's homepage, with the site offering space for their logos in exchange for a fee.  

With a vision to expand beyond Carnarvon, Chas sees the potential to replicate his success in other towns, leveraging the model he has built with ‘6701 Local’. However, he isn’t quite finished ‘6701 Local’ just yet. He’s currently exploring a way to add new sections to the site for local job recruitment and other community notices. 

When asked what advice he has for other young entrepreneurs, Chas stressed the importance of staying focussed. 

 “Focus on your thing and run with it,” he said.  

“Once you've got your idea, stop looking for other opportunities, don't look at what everyone else is doing.  

“Focus on your thing; have tunnel vision.”  

Find out what’s on in Carnarvon on the 6701 Local website