Dedicated STEM teachers awarded scholarship

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25 March 2024

Reward and recognition

Two public school teachers from regional areas have recently been awarded scholarships that will allow them to expand the amazing work they are doing in the STEM field.

Richard Hall, from North Albany Senior High School, and Hellen Kneale, from Exmouth District High School, have each been awarded a $10,000 Toyota Community Trust STEM Teachers Scholarship.  

Richard Hall in his North Albany Senior High School classroom.

Richard and Hellen are two out of nine of Australia’s top STEM teachers who have been recognised for their outstanding work through this scholarship which will allow them to pursue professional development courses in STEM-related subjects. 

Hellen, a dedicated science teacher, said she was extremely excited to receive the award.  

“Not only will winning the scholarship enrich me personally, but it will also empower me to positively impact the education of our remote school community,” she said.  

“The skills and knowledge gained will enable me to develop innovative STEM education solutions and bridge educational disparities. I hope to empower the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and leaders, ensuring that no student is left behind in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.”  

Design and technology teacher Richard said that initiatives such as these scholarships play a vital role in advancing STEM education.  

Hellen Kneale's Exmouth District High School classroom and students.

“Scholarships for STEM teachers contribute to the overall improvement of STEM education by fostering innovation and creativity in teaching methods and curriculum development,” he said. 

“Opportunities like this provide financial support to STEM teachers who may otherwise face barriers to pursuing their education and career goals.  

“Most importantly, providing support through scholarships demonstrates a commitment to valuing and investing in the further development of STEM education. By recognising and rewarding excellence in STEM teaching, these initiatives encourage more educators to pursue professional development opportunities and continually strive for excellence in their practice.” 

Richard has been teaching in the technologies learning area for 20 years. He said he will use his scholarship to focus on how to incorporate industry-leading techniques, facilities, and resources into North Albany Senior High School and the wider Albany community.  

“It will give the school great insight into the current technology requirements and STEM-related pedagogy that will shape the development of this space,” he said.  

“I am grateful to the Public Education Foundation for their investment into our community with the Toyota Community Trust STEM Teachers Scholarship.” 

For more information about Public Education Foundation scholarships, visit its website