Danielle Roache

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Danielle is an experienced educator and leader who is able to motivate people, communicate a sense of purpose, plan collaboratively, and achieve desired outcomes and results.

Danielle Roache

Boddington District High School

She has experience in change management and possesses strategic planning skills, with the particular ability to analyse problems, set goals collectively, develop strategies, monitor progress and achieve excellent results.

Possessing a passion for educational leadership, Danielle works with new through to experienced staff to continuously improve Boddington District High School. Danielle led whole-school approaches to literacy and numeracy, effective instructional practice, implementation of the Western Australia Curriculum, and embedded collaborative peer-to-peer professional practices and data driven planning at classroom, cohort, and whole school levels.

Danielle strives to provide opportunities to embed creative and collaborative practices allowing staff, the School Board, and the parent community to contribute to improvement and innovation. She maintains and builds a culture of trust and collaboration where innovation based on research creates a ‘reason for change’.

For her change management project, Danielle researched the topic of Beyond School Review: A Model for School Improvement. The purpose of this project was to investigate a systematic case management model to support schools where post public school review, a rating of Needs Improvement had been identified.

The model establishes three different categories of support; identifies possible roles and responsibilities for the Deputy Director Generals, Directors of Education, Collegiate Principals and Principals; sets possible timelines in relation to required actions for each category, and details the case management process for schools depending on the level of support required.