Damian Shuttleworth

Asset Publisher

“I lead change focused on whole school improvement to establish a culture, develop a vision and shape a school’s identity to reflect the values of the local community.”

Damian Shuttleworth

Principal, Carine Senior High School

Damian has extensive experience in leading and mentoring in the area of school performance improvement. He has exemplary communication skills and the ability to collaborate with a diverse range of audiences in complex contexts.

His knowledge and experience in leading school change focus on whole-school improvement and establishing a culture, developing a vision and shaping school identity to reflect the values of the community.

Damian has participated in system-level reform and leadership particularly in relation to improving system impact on student performance. He has participated in numerous Expert Review Group reviews of schools, contributed to the school performance assessment pilot, and been a panel member for the most recent Independent Public Schools selection process.

At Carine Senior High School, Damian has mobilised staff to achieve desired improvements in school performance. He has mentored aspirant leaders, and established structures and mechanisms to ensure successful outcomes.

Damian was a finalist in the WA Secondary Principal of the Year in 2016.