Cheryl Parkin

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"Leading an effective school board has progressed key directions and strengthened parent and community involvement and sense of belonging in the school."

Cheryl Parkin

Principal, Piara Waters Primary School

As foundation principal of Piara Waters Primary School when it opened in 2012, Cheryl has developed a school-wide professional learning community. She has set in place structures to build staff capacity to lead school improvement; embedded evidence-based whole-school learning design as a model for experiential action learning; and implemented a leadership alliance model.

Currently a member of the Expert Review Group, Cheryl has worked on developing a model for school reviews. She also lends her expertise and knowledge to system-wide initiatives and reforms. She was principal of primary schools in Embleton, Boulder and Kalgoorlie, and project manager for a behaviour centre.

Cheryl’s change project involved developing interactive and informative workforce data to support principals to lead responsive workforce planning. She analysed how business units collaborate on effective project and policy development. From this, she identified a proposed model of facilitation to strengthen processes with potential to increase productivity and support to schools.