Cathy Willis

Asset Publisher

Cathy is a dedicated and experienced instructional school leader with a proven ability to work in challenging and dynamic environments.

Cathy Willis

Lake Grace District High School

Her depth of knowledge regarding system policies, procedures and new initiatives allows Cathy to enact the rich growth of both her students and staff.

Working across a variety of contexts has allowed Cathy to demonstrate and develop her strong skillset, with a particular emphasis on school leadership, management and curriculum. She is committed to excellence in public education and led a whole school strategy in quality teaching, focusing on learning intentions and success criteria, feedback, collaborative learning, questioning and self and peer assessment during her time as Principal at Lake Grace District High School.

Cathy’s proven instructional skills enable her to create an inclusive school environment which promotes the continuous improvement of staff and students. She strives to lead an outstanding public school where student progress and achievement is supported by a team of highly engaged and skilled staff.

In her change management project, Kate researched Using Risk Management to Enable School Success. The purpose of this project was to review, refine and align risk management practices in Western Australian public schools and identifies the key tools for principals and leadership teams in schools to plan for, support, mitigate and respond to risk in a practical approach.