Journal song

Journal song

Listen to the recording of 'Nidgar, Noongar, Boodgar, Koort' (the English translation is 'Here, Noongar, Land, Heart') by Honey Webb.

About the song 

'Nidja Noongar Boodja Koort' is a statement song for Noongar koolingah (the English translation is children) to learn language with meaning, that represents who they are. 

Noongar word English translation
Nidja This is, here 
Noongar People of the southwest 
Boodjar Country, land and home 
Koort Heart, homeland 


From the artist - Honey Webb
Head shot of Honey Alice Webb.

'Nidja Noongar Boodja Koort' artist Honey Webb.

These words, for me, bring pride when sung and were created with the intent to teach, translate and sing in a First Nations language. This teaching helps to carry on important Aboriginal customs for our future generations. I feel blessed that Nidja has been embraced and shared as intended, encouraging our old ways of singing our truths and stories of ancient culture. I am so jerpin (the English translation is extremely happy) by the number of clips shared to me of 'Nidja Noongar Boodja Koort' being sung by koolingahs (the English translation is children) and their teachers around Australia. I love the history of how the song has been used so far and I’m excited to see what it brings for others in the future.