Apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships are learning pathways that combine paid on-the-job training and formal study with a Registered Training Organisation.

On completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship a person will be equipped with practical skills and a nationally recognised qualification.

Information and support is available at Apprenticeship Office and at Apprenticeship Support.


Apprentices are trained in a skilled trade and become a qualified tradesperson with a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification. An apprenticeship is a structured training arrangement of usually 3.5 or four years duration. The training combines practical experience at work with complementary off-the-job training with a Registered Training Organisation.


Trainees become skilled in a vocational area and receive a nationally recognised VET qualification when completed. The traineeship provides an understanding of the industry and the employment opportunities available. A traineeship is a training agreement between the trainee and their respective employer where the employer agrees to train the trainee in a specific industry, and the trainee agrees to work and learn. Traineeships usually last between nine to 48 months, depending on the industry area and certificate level undertaken.

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships are paid employment training arrangements between a full-time school student and an employer.

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships allow young people to combine their senior school studies with paid part-time employment and off-the-job training with a Registered Training Organisation. Students develop employment skills through hands-on industry experience within an actual workplace and study a nationally recognised qualification. The school based apprenticeship or traineeship becomes part of the student’s broader education program.

Who are school-based apprenticeships and traineeships for?

This option is for students who are interested in pursuing a career pathway in a specific trade or vocation and also want to complete their senior schooling.

Information sheets and supporting material

Information sheets and supporting material

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