Teaching career events

Teaching career events

Join us for our free online events and discover why working in public education is an exciting and rewarding career.

We are proud to be the largest employer in WA, and with over 800 public schools across the state, there are many exciting and rewarding career options.

Our free live chats and information sessions have been developed for pre-service, graduate and experienced teachers wanting to learn more about teaching in a public school.

Events are now being held online allowing you to take part from a location that suits you, including on the go via mobile devices. Check out all of our teaching career events in the Teach in WA - Live chats events collection

Register your interest for future events and we will let you know when we announce more dates.

Teach in WA public schools – Live chat

Whether you're a pre-service teacher completing your studies or someone considering a new career path in WA public schools, we invite you to join us. We will connect you with experienced WA educators and principals to discuss their current teaching vacancies. You'll also have the chance to hear about the various programs and support we offer to our teachers.

Register for the Teach in WA public schools live chat on Wednesday 8 November 2023 from 4 pm to 5 pm. 

Teacher Flying Squad - Live chat 

Join us for a live chat and learn how you can join our team. We are seeking eligible and qualified teachers available during the school year. As a member of the Teacher Flying Squad, you will have the chance to fill short-term teaching vacancies in various schools. Appointments typically last between 4 and 10 weeks, allowing you to broaden your teaching experience in different environments. 

Register for the Teacher Flying Squad live chat on Wednesday 25 October 2023 from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Introducing the Advanced Graduate Program – Live chat 

Join us for an exclusive webinar introducing the Advanced Graduate Program. The program will channel our brightest talents, like you, to regional schools, ensuring that students in these areas receive the best education from the best teachers. 

You can attend if you: 

  • have graduated from a Western Australian University 
  • are in your final semester of study 
  • are a recent graduate ready to start a transformative career. 

Webinar highlights: 

  • Discover the exclusive perks and incentives that await you. 
  • Find out about our regional public schools. 
  • Get a step-by-step guide on how to apply. 

Register for Introducing the Advanced Graduate Program live chat on Wednesday 22 November 2023 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

A principal’s top 10 tips for writing your best teaching job application

Merrilee Wright has over 10 years of experience in school leadership roles – so you can only imagine how many teaching job applications she has read!

A former Public School Review Director and current principal, and recognised as one of our Principal Fellows for her outstanding school leadership, Merrilee provides invaluable insight into some simple yet important things you can do to increase your chances of landing your dream teaching job.

Merrilee is an experienced facilitator of written application workshops for teachers and joins us online to share her top 10 tips. Register your interest for future events and we will let you know when more dates are announced.

How to apply for a teaching job in a public school – Live chat

Join us for an interactive webinar where we'll reveal our tips for finding a teaching job in our schools. Our expert team is here to help you increase your visibility and land that perfect position. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to apply for teaching positions with us!

Register for the How to apply for a teaching job in a public school live chat on Wednesday 1 November 2023 from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Remote teaching service information session

Join us for our online information session about teaching in a remote public school. You will find out about allowances, housing and relocation assistance for remote teachers. There will be a question-and-answer section with a panel of experts. You will get to chat with:

  • a current principal of a remote public school
  • staff in our Teach in WA and Aboriginal Education Teaching and Learning teams.

We will also guide you through the application process.

Explore the unique opportunities of working and living in our remote communities. Register for an upcoming session to secure your spot:

Pre-service development program - Live chat

If you are a pre-service teacher interested in professional experience support and professional learning, our Pre-Service Development Program is for you!

Join our live online chat to find out about:

  • funding and additional support available when you complete a professional experience in a public school
  • professional learning, networking opportunities and ongoing support from experienced mentors and school leaders
  • courses in digital technologies, education support, mathematics, and physical science that you can complete before you graduate
  • pre-service employment opportunities – final year pre-service teachers can work with us as casual and fixed-term teachers
  • other programs, such as our new Advanced Graduate Program.

Join our Pre-service development opportunities live chat on Wednesday 15 November 2023 from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Leap program information session

Our Leap program gives both new and existing teachers opportunities to gain further qualifications to teach in additional specialist areas or move into a new area of teaching.

Through Department-funded training and support, you will be able to expand your teaching skills and knowledge, positioning yourself to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in our schools.

Entry and Orientation program

The Entry and Orientation program is a 2-day program designed to support teachers commencing with the Department of Education after returning from long leave, interstate or overseas positions.

Participants will develop an understanding of current best practice in Western Australian public schools.  

To find out more about the Entry and Orientation program and when future dates will be announced, email us at eoprogram@education.wa.edu.au.

Contact our Teach in WA team

Contact our Teach in WA team

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