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New Zealand qualified teachers

If you are a New Zealand qualified teacher and considering a move to WA, come and join us in public education.

With over 800 public schools, our state offers a diverse range of teaching experiences with great professional and personal opportunities. Our teacher salaries are among the highest in Australia with ongoing benefits and support. You may also be eligible for fully-funded relocation.

Western Australia is an amazing and vast state with diverse teaching environments, and incredible places to see and things to do. We currently have opportunities for trained teachers in our 8 education regions across all learning areas.

A number of our vacancies are in rural, regional and remote schools. These vary in location and size, from large schools near city centres with over 1,000 students, to rural and regional towns with smaller groups of students in multi-age classes.

Find out why New Zealand teacher Zach loves teaching and living in regional WA.

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We provide relocation assistance for eligible schools for all permanent appointments, and fixed-term appointments of one school year or more. This includes flights and other travel, and relocating your furniture and personal effects.

You will have access to up to 8 weeks of fully funded accommodation on arrival, while you are settling in, completing your induction and preparation, and relocating to your regional location.

You may also be eligible for free or subsidised housing, depending on availability and the location of your appointment.

Government Regional Officers Housing (GROH) is available for teachers in most rural, and all remote, locations at heavily subsidised rates. In locations where GROH accommodation is not provided, an additional 4 weeks (up to a maximum of 12 weeks total) will be provided while you transition into private accommodation.

Your benefits and allowances depend on your location and can be viewed using our benefits calculator.

Teacher salaries in WA are among the highest in Australia ranging from $78,397 (AUD) for trained graduate teachers through to $117,854 for senior teachers. Our outstanding classroom practitioners receive a starting salary of $122,308 as Level 3 Classroom Teachers. You will also have access to 12 weeks paid leave per year (school holidays). In addition to your salary, you may receive locality and additional allowances. As of 2024, these allowances can be as high as $35,000 per year in some regional locations. 

You may also be eligible for generous allowances to reimburse initial utility connection fees, wear and tear on furniture, subsidised air conditioning, gas, hot water and vacation travel, and rent essential furniture through our housing program.

Our schools fill teaching vacancies in different ways, depending on the location of the school, and the tenure of the position. As a New Zealand trained teacher, you can apply for jobs in metropolitan, rural and regional schools directly, or for regional schools through our specially created New Zealand Teacher Pool.

New Zealand Teacher Pool

By applying to our New Zealand Teacher Pool you can select all locations across Western Australia that interest you, without needing to submit multiple applications. This is a great way of expressing your interest for a range of positions and increasing your employment opportunities.

To apply, you will need a comprehensive CV and a statement addressing the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) domains.  Information and guidance in writing these documents can be found in the application package attached to the advertisement.

After submitting your application you may be sent a link to complete a video interview. 

Principals will be able to access your application and contact you to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

Apply directly for positions at individual schools

In addition to the New Zealand Teacher Pool, you can apply for permanent and temporary teaching positions that schools advertise individually. These jobs are advertised on our current jobs page, and JobsWA.

Most advertised positions will require you to submit a comprehensive CV and statement addressing the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) domains. Refer to the job advert and attachments for more detailed information, and supporting resources, on how to write your application.

Principals will be able to access your application and contact you to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

After submitting your application you may be sent a link to complete a video interview. 

At the time of commencement in a WA public school, you must have a completed suitable Initial Teacher Education qualification. In addition, you must hold current:

You can apply for jobs before you have these, but must hold them before you start work. You may be eligible for mutual recognition with the Teachers Registration Board, if you hold current teacher registration in New Zealand.

You will attend a culturally responsive and robust induction to WA public schools. This induction will familiarise you with our curriculum, behaviour management and inclusion strategies, as well as providing wellbeing support.

You will receive full pay during your induction period (up to two weeks before commencement in your role).

You will be given an induction by your new school and have access to curriculum support to familiarise yourself with the context of curriculum delivery in Western Australia.

If you would like further information about teaching opportunities in Western Australia, contact us at or +618 9264 4297.

Teaching opportunities available now

Teaching opportunities available now

Apply to our New Zealand secondary teacher pool and our team will contact you about current vacancies.

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