Manage your enrolment

Manage your enrolment

Find out how to change or withdraw your child's enrolment.

Once enrolments close, we schedule lessons for enrolled students. We email you the enrolment notification with the location and lesson times about 2 weeks before the program starts. Print or save a copy of this notification for identification purposes on the first day of lessons.

Make a change or withdraw before enrolments close

To make changes to your enrolment, log into WAIVS.

You can withdraw your child’s enrolment, or change the location preferences or stage, up to the enrolment closing date of the program your child is enrolled in.

You automatically receive a full refund if you withdraw your children’s enrolment at any time before the enrolment closing date. The refund is to the credit card you used to make the payment.

To withdraw your enrolment, log into WAIVS with your username and cancel the enrolment.

Make a change after enrolments close
Stage changes

Once enrolments close, you need to request a stage change in person. Either attend:

  • your scheduled lesson on day one
  • the venue on the advertised late enrolment day (where available).

We communicate the locations accepting stage changes about 1 to 2 weeks before the programs start. Check our website closer to this date for more information.

Find out more about our stages and awards.

Transfer to another location

You may be able to transfer your child to another venue for the same program, where vacancies exist. Attend your preferred venue on either:

  • the first day of lessons
  • the advertised late enrolment day (where available).

We cannot guarantee places will be available. We can’t organise transfers for your child.

Request a refund

After enrolments close, we only consider refund requests for medical reasons when your child doesn’t attend any lessons.

We must receive your request for a refund no later than 2 weeks after the conclusion of your child's enrolled program. We will not consider any requests after this date.

To request a refund, email your receipt number and a medical certificate to

Contact us

For any questions about the online portal or enrolment, call us on 9402 6412 or email