Distance education

Distance education

Distance education provides a range of study options to families with children who, for various reasons, cannot physically attend a school.

Whether studying through the School of Isolated and Distance Education or one of our five Schools of the Air, children have access to the same learning opportunities, and follow the same Western Australian curriculum, as those attending full time school.

The School of Isolated and Distance Education, or SIDE, is a cutting edge online school that provides a high level of education to children needing additional flexibility and who cannot attend school in a traditional classroom setting.

Courses are available online with practical materials delivered to the home. Classes are taught in real time through engaging, two-way communications to children in primary and secondary school.

Enrolments are typically for children who:

  • are attending school full-time and are unable to attend their local public school due to geographical isolation
  • are travelling nationally or internationally with family on a long term basis
  • are enrolled in a local public school that does not offer the courses they wish to study, or where timetables do not allow them to join the classes
  • have a long term illness.

Find information about the School of Isolated and Distance Education, visit Schools Online.

The Schools of the Air deliver a comprehensive education to families with children living in isolated communities. Each of the five schools service large areas of Western Australia. Our teachers understand the unique challenges faced by students living remotely and are skilled in providing tailored learning programs to cater for individual learning needs.

Schools of the Air campuses are located at Carnarvon, Kalgoorlie, Derby, Meekatharra and Port Hedland.

To find a School of the Air nearest you, visit Schools Online and type 'School of the Air' in the 'School Name' box.