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Get support, information and tips to give your child the best start in life. Attend a free seminar near you, or talk to your school about how they can provide a free seminar for your school community.

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Triple P

Our free Triple P seminars give you simple, practical strategies to help you raise a happy and confident child.

Children thrive when they are raised in a nurturing environment. The Triple P - Positive Parenting Program gives mums, dads and carers ideas and strategies to help their child develop the skills and behaviours they need for a healthy childhood.

In times of uncertainty, it’s important now more than ever to support your family’s wellbeing. Our seminars are held in safe, in-person events in line with current health advice, or by Webex video conference so you can safely and easily join our free seminar from home.

Parents love Triple P

“It’s great to hear information on how to navigate through the complexities of parenting and if anything, find comfort in what you are doing right and some handy tips on what you can try next. Thank you.”

“Thanks, great seminar, really practical advice that we can start implementing straight away.”

“The course was just great. Even with the COVID-19 crisis, the Webex meeting was just as effective as usual.”

Attend a free seminar near you

Seminar 1, ‘The Power of Positive Parenting’, is provided free of charge to parents of children across Western Australia, thanks to the support of the State Government.

Our free seminars are held in schools, Child and Parent Centres and community venues across Western Australia, as well as from home by Webex videoconference.

Attend a seminar near you and learn proven strategies from trained facilitators to:

  • raise happy, confident children
  • manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life
  • set rules and routines that everyone respects
  • encourage behaviour you like
  • take care of yourself as a parent.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Register for your free seminar at the Triple P Parenting in Western Australia website.

Further free seminars and discussion groups are also available for parents of young children and teenagers. If you prefer, you can pay a fee to register for ‘Triple P Online’, a self-directed online course accessed directly through the Triple P website.

Attend a session at your local school

We support all public schools to host free Triple P seminars at their school, a Child and Parent Centre or other community venue, so that every Western Australian family has the opportunity to benefit from this positive parenting program.

Schools are supported to host a safe, in-person event in line with current health advice, or host over the internet by Webex video conference.

Talk to your school about how they can host a free Triple P seminar for your community.

Triple P Ambassador

Sarah McGowan
Mother, wife and school teacher

“As a parent to three young children I know how unnerving school can be for families – especially for our little people who are attending Kindergarten for the first time.

“Positive parenting is about finding simple strategies to help raise more confident, healthier children and build stronger family relationships.

“Research shows learning these simple skills can help prevent and treat behaviour and emotional problems in children. There’s never one answer to everything and positive parenting isn’t about telling parents how they should raise children. It’s about helping us encourage children to realise their potential in the family, school and community. 

“I can remember the positive parenting session I was offered when my children started Kindergarten and knowing just how valuable it is, I’m looking forward to being a part of the new Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.”

Positive Parenting Program

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