Start a conversation

Start a conversation

For many young people, choosing the right career pathway requires a lot of consideration and exploration.

Education and career aspirations are often shaped by how young people think they will fit in with others, and by the expectations of their parents, carers, teachers and peers.

As key influencers of young people’s career decisions, parents, carers and teachers need to begin career conversations much earlier than secondary school.

Research shows gender biases of possible career options are evident in children as young as six. One example of such gender stereotype is the belief that girls are less interested than boys in computer science and engineering.

Many young people do not have the opportunity to meet a wide range of successful professionals and trades people and need opportunities to engage with a variety of role models from the world of work.

So how do we have career conversations?

Parents can have career conversations with their young person by showing an interest in their aspirations. Consider the following:

  • Make time to have career conversations with your young person.
  • Support high aspirations and take care not to ‘crush dreams’.
  • Link children’s learning to career pathways.
  • Provide accurate, up-to-date career pathway and labour market information.
  • Point young people to information on the full range of options and pathways open to them. A great starting point is the myfuture website.
Try these career coversation starters:
What is something you have achieved that you feel really proud of? What achievements have given you the most satisfaction? What do you see yourself doing in five years? Are there any jobs you’ve seen or heard of that interest you? What do you find appealing about them?
What skills have you gained from your part-time job? What would you do if your dream job was far away from home? If you had a chance to learn about anything, what would that be? What world or community challenge do you want to solve?


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