Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

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Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

If you’re starting employment or other placement in a WA public education facility, you must complete our Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC).

All employees, pre-service teachers and most volunteers and third-party providers must consent to the NCCHC and receive a screening clearance number (SCN) before starting work in a Department of Education school or worksite. We have a strict ‘No screen, no start’ policy.

Many people working or volunteering with us will also need a Working with Children Check.

The NCCHC is processed by our Screening Unit. It’s not associated with the National Police Certificate, and we can’t accept any other police clearances or criminal record checks.

NCCHC applications cost $46.00. Applications by volunteers and pre-service teachers cost $10.00 but can’t be used later for paid employment.

In most cases, your screening with us remains valid until you have a break in service, which will depend on your role. Teachers can phone us on 9264 4477 to check their screening status.

Check your clearance

Check your clearance

Verify your screening clearance number and date of clearance.

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Screening further information

Screening requirements are outlined in the Criminal History Screening for Department of Education Sites policy and procedures.

Mandatory screening

All employees of the Department of Education must have a current screening clearance status before they start employment. This includes secondments and casual staff.

Screening is also required for:

  • school council or board members
  • pre-service teachers and other practicum students
  • post-compulsory students
  • members of community groups who are located on school sites during the school day
  • volunteers and contractors from an organisation we have a service agreement with
  • contractors engaged for 21 business days or more per 12 months
  • employees of other organisations who do regular or ongoing work in schools (for example therapists, chaplains, uniform shop and canteen staff)
  • residential college LINC committee members
  • family and guests who stay with live-in residential college employees for 21 days or more per 12 months.

Discretionary screening

A principal or site manager may require a screening for:

  • other community and parent volunteers
  • members of community groups who use school facilities outside of school hours or only during school holidays.

Speak to your school if you’re not sure whether you need a screening.

Screening not required

Screening isn’t required for other contractors, third-party providers and temporary staff engaged for less than 21 business days per 12 months, but principals and site managers still have discretion to require it.

Screening is also not required for:

  • compulsory students who turn 18 while enrolled
  • employees under 18 years of age, however they need one within 3 months after turning 18
  • Department of Health employees, however principals must sight their current Department of Health screening
  • contractors employed by the Department of Finance, Building Management and Works, as central arrangements are in place.

Applicants should apply online and then submit their summary sheet together with 4 items of identification. The criminal history information is accessed through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and will take one to three weeks to process.

If no criminal history is identified, the applicant will be notified via email or SMS of their Screening Clearance Number (SCN).

If criminal history is returned from ACIC, this information will be assessed against the Criminal Convictions Suitability Criteria, and may be presented to the Screening Committee for determination. Further information may be requested from the applicant, such as a statement and references, for consideration by the Screening Committee. If criminal history is assessed, it will take longer than 3 weeks for the outcome to be known. If clearance is refused by the Screening Committee, the applicant is entitled to appeal the decision.

Complete your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check by entering your details online. You will need to print your Summary Sheet and send it to the Screening Unit, together with copies of your 4 items of identification.

You will need to have an authorised person verify your identity and sign your Summary Sheet before you send it in.

The Department also undertakes screening for criminal history on behalf of TAFE Colleges, Catholic schools and many independent (private) schools.

External agencies, such as TAFE Colleges, Catholic schools, independent schools, universities and volunteer organisation who have people screened through the Department’s Screening Unit, can check to see if a person has been cleared, and check the authenticity of a SCN through the External Screening Status Check portal. The external screening status check quick reference guide can be accessed to assist with this process.

If you are an employee of the Department and are charged or convicted of an offence, you are required to inform your line manager of the details of the charge or conviction. The matter may be referred to the Department’s Standards and Integrity directorate for consideration and action where appropriate.

The Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is a check of criminal information from all Australian states and territories.

The Department of Education has a full exception under the Spent Convictions Act 1988 which entitles this agency to receive information regarding any WA Spent Convictions. If you have a spent conviction, you are not required to disclose this, however, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission will release details of all WA spent convictions as part of this Criminal Record Check. The Department is entitled to receive these details and consider them in determining suitability for employment.   


Read the Screening Unit privacy policy.

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