Attendance: Every day matters

Attendance: Every day matters

Our goal is to ensure every student in Western Australia has the opportunity to get an education and achieve their full potential. Attending school or alternative learning arrangements is essential for unlocking this opportunity.

We know that attending school every day progresses a child’s learning, which leads to better engagement and academic achievement. It also supports their wellbeing and improves their future life outcomes.

Although most school-aged children attend school regularly, there is a number of children who do not and they are missing out on learning. A plan is in place to improve school attendance across Western Australia and it is supported by multiple state government agencies.

The plan includes strategies to:

  • promote good attendance
  • prevent non-attendance
  • respond to low attendance.

As well as school-based strategies, there are community-led, strengths-based strategies which will address complex factors both inside and outside the school gate and strengthen collaboration between government agencies.