Non-government school registration limitations

Non-government school registration limitations

Non-government schools and their governing bodies are required to meet the registration standards and other requirements for non-government schools at all times.

The Director General must assess a school’s compliance with the standards when considering its application for initial registration, registration renewal or registration change. The Director General may also assess compliance at any other time.

In the event of a non-compliance, we may in some circumstances notify the school or governing body and provide an opportunity to amend and re-submit or to provide further information.

If the non-compliance is not addressed, the Director General is required to take action. In an extreme case a school’s registration may be cancelled. More frequently, the Director General gives a 'limitation' – a quality improvement notice, condition or direction. Generally, only a small number of schools will have a limitation at any one time.

A limitation specifies the action which the school or governing body is required to complete. A timeframe for completion is usually specified. The Director General will also usually specify the evidence which needs to be provided to demonstrate compliance with the limitation.

While a quality improvement notice is not recorded on a school’s registration certificate, a condition or a direction will be.

A school is not permitted to enrol any new students while a direction is in force.

A governing body may seek a review of the Director General’s decision to impose a condition or direction.

For more information about limitations contact:

Manager Education Regulation
Non-Government School Regulation
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