Per capita grants

Per capita grants

Per capita grants are provided to assist registered non government schools with the recurrent costs of educating students.

Recurrent costs are of an operating, ongoing nature and are distinguishable from capital costs on this basis. Per capita grants can only be used for operating purposes.

The amount of per capita grants a particular non-government school receives is determined by the student census which is conducted twice a year.

Grants are paid quarterly in line with the requirements of the funding order and accompanying guidelines. Non-government schools are notified by the Department about the dates of the quarterly payments.

The Minister for Education and Training makes an annual funding order setting out the legislative basis for the provision of State Government per capita grants.

The funding order and accompanying funding guidelines outline the various terms, conditions and accountability requirements associated with per capita grant funding.

The Minister approves the State Government per capita funding rates on an annual basis, following the determination of the rate of indexation to be applied for the coming year. The rates for 2021 are published annually within the Non-Government School Funding Order.

The individual payment rate for each school is determined by the level of schooling of the student and the alphabetic funding category allocated at the time of registration.

Per capita funding is based on the number of eligible full-time equivalent students at the school multiplied by the applicable funding category rate.

Schools must adhere to the funding order and accompanying guidelines, which outline the various requirements that schools and students must meet in order to be eligible for funding. This includes criteria relating to enrolment, attendance and residency.

Once a school has determined the number of students who are eligible for funding, it enters this data into the State census and simultaneously submits an application for per capita funding.

Per capita funding requires the school to complete a bi-annual census and submit a signed Per capita funding application.

Once the student census and per capita funding application have been completed, the nominated certification officer appointed by the school board and registered with the Department must approve and certify that the total number of students claimed adheres to the requirements of the funding order and accompanying guidelines.

Detailed auditing of school census and funding claims is undertaken through the Grants Auditing Program (GAP) administered by the Department.

For more information on the GAP, refer to the Guidelines for Non-Government School Funding 2021 or the Guidelines for Non-Government School Funding 2021 (CARE Schools).

A list of all recurrent grants paid to non-government schools in 2020-21 is available. This includes the applicable per capita funding rates for 2020 and 2021, and loans advanced under the State Government's Low Interest Loan Scheme for 2020-21.