School Watch

School Watch

School Watch is a partnership between the WA Police and the Department of Education aimed at protecting public schools from vandalism, theft and damage.

Every year, criminal damage to schools not only costs Western Australian taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, but also inconveniences students, their families, teachers and local residents.

While the Police and Department work closely together to minimise crime at school premises, you too can help. With more than 650 public schools involved in the School Watch program the community's role is vital, particularly after school hours and during school holidays.

Most importantly, if you live near a public school and see or hear suspicious behaviour immediately contact School Watch Security or the Police.

Who to contact

School Watch Security T: 1800 177 777
Police T: 131 444

When you contact School Watch Security, Department security officers can quickly attend schools in the metropolitan area. The Police will attend if called.

How your call helps

Your call could prevent break-ins, vandalism, graffiti or even arson. Ensuring your school is well cared for reflects on your community and contributes to the value of surrounding residential properties, so it's worth it!

At the local level school principals are encouraged to promote School Watch and, where possible, provide feedback through newsletters and the local media in instances where residents' calls have been valuable.

Each month, School Watch receives an average of 200 calls from the public. During holiday periods the number increases significantly. So your involvement really makes a difference.

What to look for
  • The most important times for you to be vigilant are during school holidays as schools are unattended and therefore more vulnerable than usual to crime.
  • Keep in mind that schools are generally large physical areas with multiple "blind spots". If you hear unusual noises from within a school, such as glass breaking or banging noises, this might mean people are up to no good.
  • Look for unusual vehicles parked at a school on weekends or during holidays.
  • Watch for groups "hanging around" on school grounds. This should not occur and can be one of the starting points for crime to occur.

Please contact the Neighbourhood Watch State Office T: 9222 1513 for more information or promotional materials.