Professional learning

Professional learning

Our Horizons short courses aim to build on current skills and prepare pre-service teachers for high demand teaching areas.

Horizons short courses are for pre-service teachers looking to build curriculum knowledge, planning and practical skills, and prepare for future teaching opportunities in specialist areas.

To be eligible to participate in our current short courses you must:

  • be a pre-service teacher residing in Western Australia
  • currently be completing, or are planning to complete, your final placement in a public school
  • meet the course prerequisites, including completion of relevant ATAR subjects (or equivalent).

Course information

We will add course dates, and advertise them through your university professional experience team, once they are confirmed.

The 5-day course covers both core curriculum and practical teaching approaches required to teach Year 7 and 8 mathematics. This course is designed and delivered by Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

To participate you must have an ATAR (or equivalent) in mathematics and not currently be studying to specialise in this area.

In collaboration with the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia (STAWA) our 5-day physical science course is designed and delivered by practising science teachers.

This course focuses on Year 9 and 10 physics and chemistry curriculum and teaching, including ideas for practical activities. It is suited to pre-service teachers with a background in biological sciences wanting to further develop their content knowledge and confidence using equipment when conducting experiments.

Developed in collaboration with our education support schools and the Western Australian Education Support Principals Association, this course provides participants theoretical and practical experience in both primary and secondary school settings over 5 days.

In addition to Western Australian curriculum, reporting and assessment, the course will have a particular focus on communication. This includes understanding the importance of working with students, their parents, therapists, and other professionals to ensure that each student's needs are met.

This course provides pre-service teachers not currently specialising in digital technologies the opportunity to upskill into the high demand area. Participants will cover Year 7 and 8 digital technology content over 5 days at Hampton Senior High School.