Leap program

Leap program

Take the Leap and make a difference!

Our Leap program gives both new and existing teachers opportunities to gain further qualifications to teach in additional specialist areas or move into a new area of teaching.

Through Department-funded training and support, you will be able to expand your teaching skills and knowledge, positioning yourself to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in our schools.

Leap provides an opportunity for:

  • primary teachers to train in teaching secondary students
  • secondary teachers to train in another learning area
  • teachers who can speak more than one language to teach languages in a primary or secondary school.

This course is an accredited postgraduate university qualification. Generally, these courses are for teachers with minimal content knowledge in the subject area, including primary and secondary teaching graduates.

Current courses available are:

  • Lower secondary
    • Design and Technology
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Humanities and Social Science

We offer courses based on their demand as well as our areas of need. 

These courses run for one to two weeks and are for teachers with extensive content knowledge. You may already have a qualification or teaching experience in the subject area. At the end of the course, we will recognise you as qualified to teach in the subject area.

Our short courses include:

  • Primary Languages
  • Secondary Languages
  • English- lower secondary
  • Mathematics – years 7-8
  • Mathematics – Methods
  • Mathematics – Specialist
  • Science - lower secondary
  • Supporting students with Autism spectrum disorder
  • Supporting students with complex needs and challenging behaviours

You will be supported with course fees and course materials. If you are teaching in a public school you may be eligible for reimbursement for travel and accommodation. Your school will also receive relief reimbursement.

Apply now or get in touch for more information about Leap and the great opportunities on offer:

E: leap@education.wa.edu.au
T: 9264 4455

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Leap success stories

Leap success stories