Supply to us

Supply to us

Our Department procures goods, services and community services to support the delivery of education to public school students in accordance with the Procurement Act 2020 and Western Australian Procurement Rules.

Contracting and buying

How we approach the market is guided by financial thresholds based on the projected contract value. Buying decisions are made within schools and local worksites.

Our supply opportunities are offered through Government’s tendering website – Tenders WA. Contracting outcomes, where the contract is valued over $50, 000 GST inclusive, is also published on the Tenders WA website. We recommend you monitor Tenders WA for any upcoming supply opportunities. We do not retain preferred supplier lists and we ask you minimise your impact on our busy schools when promoting your business.  

The Department may establish contracts to support schools, such as:

  • supply of early childhood furniture
  • supply and installation of school playgrounds (traditional and natural play).

For a complete list of the Department’s contracts, refer to Tenders WA.  

We also buy through common use arrangements administered by the Department of Finance, where applicable. Contact the contract manager if you would like to become a contractor on the CUA.

General information on how to supply to government is also available on the Department of Finance website.

If you need more advice, call Commercial Services on 9264 5567 or email

Capital works and works-related goods and services

Building Management and Works (BMW), Department of Finance, facilitates and manages the delivery of works and works-related goods and services for the Department and public schools. For works-related supply opportunities, call BMW on 6551 1600 or email

Direct to Market program

We have a Direct to Market program which gives Western Australian public schools the authority and autonomy to work directly with local community contractors. This is to procure low risk, minor works and maintenance projects valued up to $20,000 (including GST). For more information, email