Renew a non-government school registration

Renew a non-government school registration

A non-government school can be registered for between one and five years, after which the school must apply to have its registration renewed.

Renewal of registration is one of the principal processes through which the Director General can be satisfied that a school continues to observe the standards determined by the Minister and the other registration requirements. These are outlined in the Guide to the registration standards and other requirements for non-government schools.

The application for renewal of registration must be made at least six months, but no more than 12 months, before the current registration's expiry date. Provided an application is made in time, the school's registration continues until the Director General makes a decision on the application.

For practical reasons and to accommodate circumstances in particular schools, registration visits are scheduled throughout the school year preceding registration expiry.

If the Director General does not renew a school’s registration, the governing body may seek a review of the Director General’s decision.

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