School support staff

School support staff

As WA's largest employer, we offer many career opportunities in more than 800 public schools.

All staff make a vital contribution to our schools and the education of students.

When you work in a public school you’ll enjoy the personal rewards of making a difference to students’ lives as well as the benefits of flexible working conditions.

There are a wide variety of positions available including in the areas of support for student learning, program delivery, administrative functions, facilities maintenance and technical expertise. Many of these roles vary depending on the complexity of duties and the size of schools.

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Our schools have a variety of casual, part time and full time opportunities for school support staff, available on the current jobs page.

If you are interested in working with us casually, apply to the Casual School Support Pool. You will then be able to create a profile in Casual Staff Seeker, our online tool for matching schools with job-ready staff.

School support roles

Education assistants

Education assistants provide additional support to teachers and students. They perform a range of tasks including preparing and maintaining the classroom and assisting teachers deliver planned education programs.

Some education assistants work with students who have specific learning requirements or operate in specific learning environments, for example education support centres.

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Aboriginal and Islander education officers (AIEOs)

AIEOs play an important role in creating culturally responsive schools and supporting both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. They act as a liaison between communities and schools to create supportive and inclusive learning environments.

Student support officers

Student support workers and student support officers work in secondary schools or Intensive English Centres. They assist with administrative processes that ensure responsive and effective student services, often linked with school attendance strategies and student support programs.

Home economic assistants

Home economic assistants help technologies (home economics) teachers to deliver educational programs by maintaining equipment and materials for use in classes. They also assist the teacher clean and store the items after classes.

Laboratory technicians

Laboratory technicians help teaching staff prepare chemicals, equipment and apparatus for science classes. They manage stock levels, perform basic repairs on equipment and ensure compliance with safe working procedures.

Managers corporate services

Managers corporate services manage the day-to-day financial and human resource aspects of school operations and may manage school support staff. The role also assists the principal in ensuring that the school meets its strategic, operational and financial objectives.

School officers

Provide general clerical and administrative services to support the operations of schools.  Some schools have human resource officers and/or finance and administration officers that perform specialised roles.

Library officers

Maintain the resources and environment of school resource centres to support the learning outcomes of students.

ICT support

ICT support roles may include technical support officers, network support officers and network administrators. They provide training and advice to staff and students, and maintain information technology systems, the school network and equipment. They ensure software licensing and copyright obligations are protected and breaches reported.


Cleaners perform internal and external cleaning duties, as well as vacation cleaning. Cleaner in charge roles also organise and supervise other cleaning staff. Cleaning roles in schools dependent on the size of the school.


Gardeners maintain school grounds and provide students and staff with a safe external learning environment. Gardeners care for both soft and hard landscaping, facilities and equipment and may perform minor repairs and maintenance.

Kitchen, laundry and domestic staff

These roles may include chefs, cooks, kitchen hands, laundry hands and canteen staff.

Chefs, cooks and kitchen hands ensure high levels of quality control, storage and hygiene are maintained in college or school kitchens. Chefs and cooks supervise other kitchen staff and manage daily catering requirements. Kitchen hands assist with catering and ensure kitchens and pantries are clean and organised.

Laundry hands complete laundering tasks and maintain the laundry area and equipment.

Farm supervisors and managers (agricultural colleges and farm schools)

Farm supervisors and managers are responsible for leading the college or school's agricultural enterprises and implementing the farm development plans. They develop and assist with budgets and organise procedures to maintain primary industry ventures, vehicles, machinery and buildings. They research trends in agricultural production and marketing strategies. They may supervise technical officers and identify professional training needs.

Technical officers

Technical officers assist in the daily operation of agricultural enterprises and help develop and implement the farm plan. They maintain operations which may include livestock management, horticulture, land care, mechanics and infrastructure maintenance.

Residential college supervisors

Residential facilities roles include boarding supervisors and residential supervisors at residential and agriculture colleges. Supervisors look after students and ensure they receive the appropriate care. They support and reinforce appropriate values, behaviours, respect and embrace diversity within the student population.

Other specialised support roles include many varied roles. Some of these are first aid officer, design and technology assistant, camp school instructor and vocational trainer and assessor. Design and technology assistants prepare classrooms for teachers and prepare and maintain equipment. Vocational trainers and assessors prepare and deliver training and assessment programs to students.

There are many great job opportunities in education.

There are many great job opportunities in education.

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