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The Western Australian Certificate of Education is achieved by students who have completed their secondary education.

For those who would like to attend university, they can choose academic subjects that count towards their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

Vocational subjects are options for young people wishing to:

  • obtain a trade, apprenticeship or traineeship
  • complete further study at a registered training organisation
  • obtain employment after school.

Additionally, they can choose a mixture of vocational and academic subjects.

Whatever direction chosen, our schools offer the courses and programs to help achieve the goals of young people across the State.

99 Club 2018

Congratulations to all Western Australian public school students who achieved Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks of 99 and above.

This result places them in the top one percent of Western Australian students.

We wish all our 2018 graduates all the best for the future.

Name School ATAR Score
Kai Chen Perth Modern School 99.95
Nicholas Doan Perth Modern School 99.95
Jordan Hoffmann Willetton Senior High School 99.95
Yueqi Lin Shenton College 99.95
Yuqing Lu Perth Modern School 99.95
Pooja Ramesh Perth Modern School 99.95
Phil Yang Perth Modern School 99.95
Israa Hameed Greenwood College 99.9
Kartikeya Bisht Perth Modern School 99.9
Shivasankaran Jayabalan Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.9
Roshan Prashant Willetton Senior High School 99.9
Mehul Aggarwal Perth Modern School 99.9
Joseph Surin Ellenbrook Secondary College 99.9
Alan Qiu Perth Modern School 99.9
Ziang Ma Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.9
Indira Priyadarshini Senthil Ajeetha Perth Modern School 99.9
Jie Wang Melville Senior High School 99.9
Roisin Callery Perth Modern School 99.85
Aditya Gupta Willetton Senior High School 99.85
Guinevere Sellner Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.85
Brendan Shedley Applecross Senior High School 99.85
Agampodi De Zoysa Perth Modern School 99.85
Justin Liew Perth Modern School 99.85
Swarna Gajendran Perth Modern School 99.85
Madeleine Stewart Lesmurdie Senior High School 99.8
Marcel Masque Salgado Greenwood College 99.8
Clare Cheng Perth Modern School 99.8
Nisila Dodampe Gamage Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.8
Kaylee Wong Willetton Senior High School 99.8
Luke Uden Perth Modern School 99.8
Emma Williams Perth Modern School 99.8
Evgenija Blazeska Perth Modern School 99.75
Alexander Blogg North Albany Senior High School 99.75
Alexandra Truong Shenton College 99.75
Robert Glyde Perth Modern School 99.75
Franklin Lou Perth Modern School 99.75
Bryan Tan Perth Modern School 99.75
Daniel Yang Perth Modern School 99.75
Ming Hui Gao Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.7
Mei Qi Tay Perth Modern School 99.7
Andrew Lee Willetton Senior High School 99.7
Thomas Louth Mt Lawley Senior High School 99.7
Vishwajeet Modi Gilmore College 99.7
Viet Nguyen Perth Modern School 99.7
Leah Yang Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.7
Ethan Lim Churchlands Senior High School 99.65
Sai Sesetti Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.65
Sheng Han Lee Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.65
Su-En Hia Perth Modern School 99.65
Kailin Guo Shenton College 99.65
Arun Muthu Churchlands Senior High School 99.65
Mubashshira Ahmed Willetton Senior High School 99.6
Joshua Green Perth Modern School 99.6
Cleye Jensen Bunbury Senior High School 99.6
Cydney Marrington Perth Modern School 99.6
Aaron Xu Perth Modern School 99.6
Benjamin Caulfield Perth Modern School 99.6
Chaitany Goyal Willetton Senior High School 99.6
Ruby Connor Esperance Senior High School 99.6
Shreya Srivastava Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.55
Caleb McKenna Warwick Senior High School 99.55
Edward Yamamoto Shenton College 99.55
Christopher Chivers Willetton Senior High School 99.5
Cara Boyce Kununurra District High School 99.5
Tyler Pryce Governor Stirling Senior High School 99.5
Yasmine Hosseini Perth Modern School 99.5
Ramitha Kotuwegedara Perth Modern School 99.5
Jai Lawlor Perth Modern School 99.5
Ruo Yan Lee Perth Modern School 99.5
Julie-Anne Martis Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.5
Jameson Lu Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.45
Annora Ai-Wei Kumar Perth Modern School 99.45
Abbygale Hank Applecross Senior High School 99.45
Achyut Rajesh Perth Modern School 99.45
Ivan Kalinkin Mt Lawley Senior High School 99.45
Archana Subramaniam Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.4
Bhargav Jayani Greenwood College 99.4
Rachel Guizzo Dri Perth Modern School 99.4
Josephine Santoso Willetton Senior High School 99.4
Sivapriyan Sorubarajan Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.4
Evelyn Yong Perth Modern School 99.4
Hanyong Zhou Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.4
Dhruv Jobanputra Willetton Senior High School 99.4
Ben Milne Ellenbrook Secondary College 99.4
Chern Foong Khor Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.4
Seamus Twomey Shenton College 99.4
Anda Pforr Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.35
Parmida Ghorbanian Perth Modern School 99.35
Wadu Thantri De Silva Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.35
Ana Radalj Duncraig Senior High School 99.35
Mahima Balaji Willetton Senior High School 99.35
Nina Dakin John Curtin College of the Arts 99.35
Xin Yi Hong Willetton Senior High School 99.3
Ashleigh Milne Ballajura Community College 99.3
Michael Lee Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.3
Claudia Goh Willetton Senior High School 99.3
Johnson You Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.3
Marika Torihara Perth Modern School 99.3
Ellenor Sibon Margaret River Senior High School 99.3
Jemima Loveland Perth Modern School 99.25
Tess Dwyer-Long Applecross Senior High School 99.25
Caitlin Lucas Manea Senior College 99.25
Anita Loschiavo Applecross Senior High School 99.25
Zeke Tinley Bunbury Senior High School 99.25
Lachlan Macartney John Curtin College of the Arts 99.25
Abby Longmuir Perth Modern School 99.25
Xi Chin Perth Modern School 99.25
Jordan Walker Manea Senior College 99.25
Dhirren Ranjit Rajah Willetton Senior High School 99.2
Yang-Jean Phay Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.2
Mellissa Barber Ballajura Community College 99.2
Amira Ilyas Perth Modern School 99.2
Gabriel Francas John Curtin College of the Arts 99.2
Steven Samuels Kelmscott Senior High School 99.15
Joel Clement Como Secondary College 99.15
Chantel Chen Perth Modern School 99.15
Karrison Driver Perth Modern School 99.15
Joseph Loveday Willetton Senior High School 99.15
Tal Ashkenazy Landsman Applecross Senior High School 99.15
Nathan Ng Morley Senior High School 99.1
Nazmus Sakib Rossmoyne Senior High School 99.1
Mikayil Aliyev Greenwood College 99.1
Ashlee Cronin Willetton Senior High School 99.1
Kevin Choo Willetton Senior High School 99.05
Geoffrey Saunders Australind Senior High School 99.05
Simona Vychytilova Bunbury Senior High School 99
Rose O'Gorman Kelmscott Senior High School 99
Jayden Bradshaw Willetton Senior High School 99
Mikayla Moolman WA College Of Agriculture - Denmark 99
Jessica Sunderland Kununurra District High School 99
Christopher Zhu Churchlands Senior High School 99