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Perth Metropolitan

Located in WA's sunny and coastal capital city, the South and North Metropolitan education regions are full of diverse opportunities.


A simple map of Western Australia using pink outline to show the different geographical regions in the state. The Perth metropolitan region, a relatively small region along the coast in the southern half of the state, is shaded in a darker gold colour than the rest of the map.With 525 public schools supporting over 252,968 students, the South and North Metropolitan education regions include all of Perth and surrounds from bustling suburbs to quieter semi-rural areas, with many opportunities for staff to create an ideal lifestyle.

Known for its beaches, iconic national landmarks and heritage-listed landscapes, Perth promotes a place of history, environment, and something for everyone.

The region boasts a population of over 2 million, with 40% of Perth’s citizens born overseas and 23% using a language other than English at home. Perth is the home of the Whadjuk Noongar people and many aspects of the local Aboriginal culture and language are being embedded into school learning for students across all years.

The diversity of the population is reflected within schools as students come from a range of cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds. Schools are vital for students to not only succeed in their careers and passions, but also to become positive and understanding members of the community.


Teaching in Perth’s metropolitan schools offer the opportunity to work with students of different ages and backgrounds, making a positive impact on their lives. You will be supported with excellent benefits including ongoing career, professional development, and career mobility.

The population density in Perth metropolitan means proximity between schools is close, creating collaboration between schools, staff, and students. With 76.8% of public school students enrolled in metropolitan schools, teachers will have a big impact on the future of Perth and Western Australia. For teachers with previous experience in metropolitan education, semi-rural opportunities are also available to expand their skills and challenge themselves.

Teachers are culturally aware and responsive to the diverse needs of the Perth community. Schools are dedicated to providing education that encourages and increases student understanding of different cultures, families and backgrounds. Many schools work closely with local Aboriginal families and communities to create two-way learning and celebrate local knowledge, history and culture.

Education in Perth includes a wide array of specialist schools offering sports, arts, academic and applied specialist programs to support students achieve in their areas of interest. Teachers can also work with students with special educational needs in support centres and language development centres.

With experienced teachers in Perth public schools to guide and support, you can make a real difference in the lives of children and young people in Western Australia, helping them reach their full potential.

Easy, accessible, and affordable to live in, Perth offers one of the very best lifestyles in Australia, bolstered by its stunningly beautiful scenery and fabulous weather year-round.

Western Australia is the country’s sunniest state with a beautiful temperate climate. You will find Perth has clear blue skies for the majority of the year, even during the winter months. The breeze off the Indian Ocean is a welcome relief from the dry heat with beautiful sunsets to see every day wherever you live in the metropolitan region.

Perth can be broken down into three major areas, northern suburbs, southern suburbs and the Perth hills, with a wide variety of housing options. New development areas promote building options, and established suburbs offer places to rent or buy. Rated the most affordable capital city for housing in Australia, Perth offers great value with a median house price of $540,000.

Transport links, including public bus, train and ferry services across the metro area are available from north to south, all add to Perth’s liveability making it easy to get around. Perth Airport provides opportunities to explore Australia, with direct flights to major Australian cities and direct non-stop flights to London and Rome.

Western Australia offers vast work opportunities with its thriving economy. Around half of Australia’s export goods originate from Western Australia, with the state distributing minerals, agrifood, petroleum, and specialised manufacturing goods across the world. Retail and local tourism is a big factor in the Perth economy, with several large shopping options available for individuals and families.

Perth’s suburbs offer secure family-friendly amenities in a clean, welcoming environment with plenty of outdoor space including parks and recreation areas for personal and school activities. Community sporting and club venues, dining precincts, public libraries and an enticing array of community events and festivals offer something for everyone.

Perth with all its diversity offers a great opportunity for teachers to live and work. With a thriving economy, great work benefits and support, and a relaxed lifestyle, Perth is the place to grow your career and shape your future.

The metropolitan and surrounding areas of Perth contain experiences like no other. Showing off the unique landscape that varies across the region Perth, including beaches, bushland, forests and botanical gardens, Perth is the place to immerse yourself while working.

At the heart of Perth is the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. The local park showcases over 3,000 species of Western Australia’s flora while displaying some of Perth’s Aboriginal and European history and culture.

National parks, hiking trails and bush walks are available for you to explore, all located within driving distance of the city. These natural wonders include waterfalls, lakes, and unique locations to experience Western Australia’s fauna and flora in person. Beaches are abundant in Perth with stretching coastline to take in the glowing sunsets, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and relaxation.

Each suburb in the metropolitan region offers a different historical experience. Older suburbs such as Guilford and Fremantle offer insight into the beginnings of Perth and how the state grew to what it is today. This is accompanied by three museums spread across Perth, as well as the Perth Cultural Centre, State Library and Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Working and living in the Perth metropolitan region allows you to experience something new almost every day, all while encouraging and teaching the next generation.

Explore the schools in our Perth Metropolitan region

Explore the schools in our Perth Metropolitan region

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Known for its beaches, iconic national landmarks and its heritage listed landscapes, Perth promotes a place of history, environment, and something for everyone.