Taking to the TEDx stage

Taking to the TEDx stage

04 August 2022

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Northam Senior High School student Joshua Patrick took to the big stage to share his inspiring story and experience as a young carer.

Fourteen-year-old Joshua’s life is unlike most other teenagers. He’s a full-time student, a medical carer for his eight-year-old sister, an Australian Army Cadets corporal, and tutor to other students.

Northam Senior High School student Joshua Patrick speaking at TEDxYouth@KingsPark.

To share his amazing story and skills that he has learnt along the way, Joshua was invited to speak at the 2022 TEDxYouth@KingsPark event.

The Year 9 student was the youngest presenter on stage and was nervous before speaking in front of 500 people.

“Once I got out there, took a deep breath and began talking and receiving laughs and applause, I quickly relaxed and ended up greatly enjoying the experience,” said Joshua.

During his 10-minute talk Joshua spoke about the tasks he does to support his sister including administering PEG medications, assisting with feeding tubes, seizure management and resuscitation.

He shared his philosophies and how his three-step strategy - choose your attitude, seize the day and self-regulate - helps him tackle challenges.

Joshua enjoyed sharing his experience of being a young carer.

“The best part of my TEDx experience was undoubtedly having countless people tell me how much my talk had encouraged them and lifted their spirits,” he said.

Joshua wasn’t the only Northam Senior High School representative at the event, nine staff from the school also travelled to Perth to support him.

His debut on stage has encouraged him to share his story further by speaking at rotary clubs and joining the TEDx youth team.

Joshua said by sharing how he faces a challenge, he can help other students and adults thrive when facing their own unique battles.

“I think TEDx made me realise the uniqueness and potential value and impact of my story.”