Manning River Rangers to the Rescue

Manning River Rangers to the Rescue

11 August 2022

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A group of intrepid Manning Primary School students are volunteering their time to conserve local bushland and help the natural environment thrive.

Under the guidance of their teacher, Kylie McCarthy, the “River Rangers” spend time after school replanting bushland, conserving trees, building worm farms and bee hotels, and learning about black cockatoo conservation.

The Manning Primary School River Rangers are lucky enough to have a precious piece of bushland right on their doorstep.

Teacher Kylie McCarthy with Manning Primary School River Rangers (L-R): Lily, Eliza, Hudson and Oliver.

“From what I understand, it is one of the few remaining banksia woodland areas still remaining in the city,” Ms McCarthy said. “It has been looked after for many, many years by a group of local volunteers whose children used to attend Manning Primary School years ago. I wanted to tap into their knowledge and passion, and work together to learn about, help, and protect the bushland.”

At the last planting session, students and other community volunteers planted 129 plants, including Banksia menziesii and Banksia attenuata, a yellow-flowering Conostylis aculeata, Dampiera linearis, which spreads underground, and Melaleuca seriata, which grows over a metre high and wide and has small, purple flowers.

“It is wonderful watching the enthusiasm with which the kids approach our sessions in the bushland, and how much they have learnt from the bushland volunteers.

“It is also lovely to see the enjoyment that the volunteers get sharing their knowledge and knowing that there are others who appreciate how special the bushland is.”

Manning Primary School’s River Rangers program is a collaboration with Millennium Kids, a not-for-profit environmental youth group. 

“They work with us on the bushland, helping kids learn in an outdoor classroom to improve the quality of the bushland on their doorstep,” Ms McCarthy said. “I think it’s been a pretty special collaboration, and hopefully one that continues for many years to come.”