Lights, camera, education

Lights, camera, education

26 September 2023

Bob Hawke College recently unveiled its $52.9 million Stage 2 expansion, marking a significant milestone in the school's journey towards excellence in education and the arts.

Music students performing at the theatre.

The state-of-the-art development promises to transform the Subiaco college into a hub of creativity and talent, empowering students to explore and express their artistic passions.

The jewel in the crown of the Stage 2 expansion is the magnificent theatre, boasting a seating capacity of 350, ready to host mesmerising performances and inspire future generations of artists. 

Alongside the theatre, a performing arts centre provides a dedicated space for budding performers to hone their skills.

“Learning the arts is an important part of a holistic education,” Bob Hawke College Principal John Burke said.

“I believe that the arts also helps us to know ourselves better.

“This facility will enable teachers, students, and the broader community a world-class facility to explore the arts.”

In addition, the expansion includes cutting-edge dance and visual arts studios, purpose-built music and media rooms, ensuring that students have the tools they need to explore and excel in the world of arts and creativity.

While the arts take centre stage, the Stage 2 expansion also introduces vital facilities to support comprehensive education. 

General learning areas offer students comfortable and modern spaces to engage in academic pursuits.

Staff and students have been impressed with the facilities on offer. 

Music students performing at the theatre.

“They are in awe of the Stage 2 facilities,” Mr Burke said.

“They are unlike any other, and help us deliver extraordinary service to our students and our community.” 

With 1,281 students currently enrolled at the College, the Stage 2 facilities are well-equipped to cater to a capacity of up to 2,000 students, accommodating the growing demand for quality education and creative expression in the region.

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