Dino-mite students help uncover Pilbara fossils

Dino-mite students help uncover Pilbara fossils

07 November 2023

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Students from Karratha Senior High School were given a unique opportunity to help researchers unearth fossils in the Pilbara.  

For many thousands of years, fossils have been lying beneath the surface in the region.  

Students and WA Museum staff at the dig site.

Fossilised Diprotodon skeletons, which are an extinct gigantic relative of the modern-day koala and wombat, were discovered, not far from Karratha.   

The WA Museum Palaeontology team has unearthed several rare and nearly complete Diprotodon skeletons.  

Henry Noble, a budding anthropologist and Year 11 student from Karratha Senior High School, attended the dig site to assist in the excavation.  

He was excited to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  

“I like to learn about history and the past in general. Being able to participate in this and be a part of history is a really good feeling,” he said. 

Fossilised Diprotodon skeletons

“My favourite part about being involved was to just be there. I really liked learning about a lot of the stuff that was happening and being able to see this happen in front of me.” 

Henry said that he is a keen anthropologist, but seeing the fossils sparked his interest in the idea of ancient animals and ancient human life.  

The fossils will give significant insights into scientific research about ancient Australian megafauna. 

Once the fossils have been uncovered, they will be transported to the Western Australian Museum to form part of their collection.