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The Midwest education region is spread along a picture-perfect coast into the striking outback, showcasing the best landscapes WA has to offer.

A simple map of Western Australia using pink outline to show the different geographical regions in the state. The Midwest region, stretching along the middle of the western coast to inland areas nearly in the centre of the state, is shaded in a darker gold colour than the rest of the map.The 46 public schools in the Midwest education region have 7,746 students and are a mixture of coastal and inland schools, ranging from a few hours driving to a few hours flying, from Perth.

Recognised for its unique natural environment, the Midwest is one of only five areas in the world with both marine and terrestrial biodiversity hot spots and home to UNESO World Heritage sites, making it internationally recognised and protected. Stretching over more than 340km of coastline and 600km into central desert, the Midwest is one of Australia’s sunniest and most diverse regions.

Nearly double the size of the United Kingdom, the Midwest has a diverse population of around 58,000, with Aboriginal people representing 12% of the population, and a quarter of residents born outside Australia. A majority of the population lives along the coastline with smaller towns and communities located throughout the inland desert areas.


Midwest schools are focused on student experience and wellbeing to improve attendance and Year 12 completion. With large distances between most schools and a diverse range of locations, education backgrounds and student sizes, it is important that staff in the region collaborate to ensure students are supported, engaged, and attending school.

Teachers in the Midwest have the opportunity to work in large regional centres through to remote community settings but must be confident in their curriculum knowledge and behaviour management. In smaller schools, roles and teaching loads frequently change and they require teachers to be able to adapt quickly, show resilience and be solution focused.

Aboriginal students comprise of around 30% of the student population and understanding the importance of culture and family are essential to establish trust and positive relationships with students, their families and wider community. It is essential that teachers are able to provide a supportive and culturally responsive environment to engage their students in learning.

Schools are often a mix of early career teachers, school leaders new to the role and experienced staff members who have established themselves in the community. They are passionate about education and provide each other high levels of support and enthusiasm to meet the needs of their students.

With an economy built around tourism, fishing, agriculture, mining, and construction it provides the best of what Western Australia has to offer. The region is home to the largest inland grain facility in the southern hemisphere as well as having the highest value fishing industry in Western Australia.

The majority of schools are located in the south of the region with access to a wide range of facilities and services in the main regional centres - Geraldton, Carnarvon, and Exmouth. Small and remote communities do not have extensive facilities in town but often have basic food, childcare and health services available to residents.

Serviced by major roads from Perth, the Midwest has excellent transport links, with airports located in multiple towns across the region. Travelling to Perth is a 4.5-hour drive or an hour flight from Geraldton and a 13-hour drive or 2-hour flight from Exmouth.

Subsidised housing is provided through the Government Regional Officers Housing (GROH) program with generous allowances and additional benefits available to teachers working in, and north of, Geraldton.

Most of the region experiences hot, dry summers and cold, dry winters. Coastal towns enjoy the sea breeze but as you travel inland, temperatures can be extreme for extended periods of time in summer. Housing is air-conditioned and subsidies are offered to teachers in the region to help with the additional costs of living in the region.

The Midwest provides the best of the state’s landscapes in one region from its stunning coastline, infinite breathtaking beaches, limestone cliffs and sandplains, spectacular wildflowers and national parks to the ultimate outback experience.

Teachers can take advantage of the accessible connections to Perth or discover the endless destinations right in your backyard. The Abrolhos Islands provide coral filled waters and beautiful wildlife or head inland where the sand meets the rich red dirt and explore the endless gorges and rolling bushland as far as the eye can see.

Shark Bay and the Ningaloo coast are UNESO World Heritage sites and provide fantastic experiences for all types of people including four-wheel driving, hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, swimming, diving, fishing and more.

Living and teaching in the Midwest provides endless opportunities to experience the country lifestyle and immerse yourself in the culture and community of the region.

Explore the schools in our Midwest region

Explore the schools in our Midwest region

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Our Midwest region showcases the best landscapes WA has to offer.