Where we’re going, we don’t need four wheels

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27 March 2024

Public school life

Lathlain Primary School’s Bike Bus is no regular bus.

It’s a rolling convoy of students and guardians that ride their bikes through the suburb of Carlisle every Friday morning. With a pre-determined route, students join the throng and make their way safely to school with their friends.

Lathlain Primary School's Bike Bus.

Spearheaded by passionate parents and embraced by the school community, the Bike Bus initiative provides an opportunity for some physical exercise before school and increases the safety of students’ commutes.  

Lathlain Primary School Deputy Principal, Nick Vuckovic said the Bike Bus is building a sense of community and has been well-received in the school after a trial phase in late 2023. 

“Students wait outside their houses and are ‘picked up’ by the bike bus," he said. 

“One of our parents, Massimo Galardi, has been the big leader in the implementation. He credits his kids with giving him the inspiration after a weekend ride. 

"The benefits of the Bike Bus program extend far beyond physical activity.  

“By encouraging students and parents to pedal their way to school, the initiative promotes a healthier lifestyle and cultivates a sense of belonging within the school community.  

"Students feel safer travelling together in a large group, while parents enjoy the opportunity to bond and interact with other families. Moreover, the program has shown to improve students' focus upon arrival at school, setting a positive tone for the day ahead."