WA Education Awards finalists: excellence in cultural responsiveness

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28 November 2023

Reward and recognition

Four public schools have been acknowledged in the WA Education Awards for their approach to culturally responsiveness.

Brabham Primary School, Brentwood Primary School, Wananami Remote Community School, and Winterfold Primary School are all finalists in the excellence for cultural responsiveness category. 

This award recognises schools that lead the whole school community in strengthening their knowledge, understanding and respect for Aboriginal histories, cultures and languages.

The winner will be announced at a presentation breakfast on Monday 4 December.

Here’s a little more about out four finalists.

Brabham Primary School 

The school’s vision of “Success for all, within a culture of excellence and inclusion” has been evident since it opened in 2021, with local communities providing input to the development of programs and opportunities for students.  

The school-based Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy places culture and relations at the heart of everything they do. This ensures a community led, strengths-based approach.

The school established a Culturally Responsive Team who promote Aboriginal ways of being, knowing and doing.

Through partnerships, this team have co-designed learning programs that incorporate Aboriginal perspectives across English, HaSS, performing and visual arts, science and LOTE, as well as integrated sustainability initiatives. This provides valuable learning places, where current and future students learn about caring for country, plants, animals and Noongar culture through ongoing citizenship and science initiatives.

Brentwood Primary School 

‘We are a family school where everyone belongs’ is a statement the staff at Brentwood Primary School commit to in building and maintaining positive relations with all parents and students.

The inclusive approach contributes to the creation of a school community that values and celebrates all forms of diversity.

The school has a nature-based initiative that not only enhances students’ practical skills, but also fosters a deep appreciation for traditional practice and connecting children to country.

Students have access to a garden space and the local Blue Gum Reserve area to explore the six Noongar seasons.

This enhances connection to the land and deepens their understanding of the cultural significance of the environment.

Wananami Remote Community School students with their finalist poster.

Wananami Remote Community School 

Located in the Kimberley, students at Wananami Remote Community School are impassioned to dream big, while remaining true to the Ngarinyin culture and heritage. 

The foundation of the school’s success lies within its strong partnerships with the community, working together as one. They call this the ‘Wananami Way’.

Continuing to build their strong school and community partnership, they empower the Aboriginal community to guide teaching and learning programs, prioritising the Indigenous ecological knowledge, using Two-way Science.

The relationships built on respect, listening, and a shared vision between the school and their families, supported by key stakeholders, is what has brought the Wananami Way to life.

‘Thriving in two worlds to be strong, smart, proud and deadly leaders for future generations’ is the commitment to build a strong school and community partnerships with a shared vision.

Winterfold Primary School 

Embedding a sustained approach to cultural responsiveness, Winterfold Primary School nurtures partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders in the classroom, around the school and within the community.

Staff engage with local Aboriginal cultural educators and ensure their voices are directly heard when delivering the cross-curricular priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.