Students lend a helping hand

Students lend a helping hand

16 December 2021

Public school life

Celebrating local organisations and the support they’ve given to the school, Pemberton District High School students spent their annual Community Week returning the favour.

Starting in 2019, the week was created to give the students an opportunity to give back to the local community of Pemberton and get involved in philanthropic projects.

Pemberton District High School Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students with the Pemberton Police.

Lee Illingworth, principal at Pemberton District High School said the school is fortunate to have a wonderful supportive local community that is keen to support the wellbeing and learning opportunities of the students.

“Pemberton has an incredibly strong and supportive community, so it is important that our students feel like contributing members. Community Week gives them opportunities to make a difference in lots of different ways,” said Ms Illingworth.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 10 spent a week working with different organisations to give back support, but also learn more about the important work of different groups.

The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary class leant a helping hand to the visiting Pemberton Police officers, cleaning cars and asking the officers their burning questions such as “What do you do if your car breaks down?”

Year 1 student, Wyatt Coleman cleaning the Pemberton fire truck.

Year 6 students visited the Pemberton Aged Accommodation Village, where they were busy gardening, cleaning windows and spending time with the residents over morning tea.

Pemberton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service had some help from Years 1 to 4 students to clean their trucks. They spent the morning teaching the students how important it is for emergency services vehicles to be bright and shiny.

Students also spent the week rolling up their sleeves and helped garden, plant and decorate Pemberton Main Street, while others re-painted fences and revitalised some of the town’s park benches named after Pemberton’s pioneering families.

“The students enjoyed the chance to put to work some of their creative and critical-thinking skills that they have developed throughout the year, in order to accomplish purposeful and useful real-world tasks.

“They also enjoy interacting with the different members of our community and representing Pemberton District High School.”

Izaak Martyn and Braven Harvey from Year 5 gardening out the front of Pemberton's Community Daycare.

Students also helped-out at Pemberton CWA, Pemberton Community Daycare, Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, the annual Pemberton Seniors’ Christmas Luncheon and more.

“The best part of the week is seeing the pride on the students faces as they complete their projects in such a positive and happy way. They truly delight in helping others and celebrate each other’s projects,” said Ms Illingworth.