Learning resources from across the nation

Learning resources from across the nation

We will continue to add resources across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.

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  • 5 Metres 80 (High Diving Giraffes)

    A fun film about a group of giraffes diving into an Olympic swimming pool. This could provide some great writing responses.

  • A mathematical focus on 'Choose your own statistics'

    This teaching resource demonstrates ways in which real data can be interpreted and analysed. It is based on the interactive learning resource Choose your own statistics, in which data is presented as infographics, graphical representations and tables.

  • ABC Education

    ABC Education brings you thousands of free, curriculum-linked resources for primary and secondary students and teachers.

  • ABC Education broadcast schedule 20-25 April 2020

    ABC Education broadcasts from 10am - 3pm on weekdays on ABC Me (Channel 23) and is also available at abc.net.au/iview

  • ABC TV Education Term 2, 2020 Broadcast Schedule

    ABC TV Education is broadcast on ABC ME from 10am - 3pm on weekdays. You can watch ABC ME on free to air TV on channel 23 or abc.net.au/iview

  • Animal factsheets

    Discover the astonishing variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, marine life and more in the Australian Museum collections.

  • Australia over time

    Learn about our evolving landscape, Australian megafauna and other extinct animals, and how we use fossils to relate the animals of the past with those of today.

  • Australian Children’s Television Foundation

    Range of content and lesson ideas for learning at home.

  • Australian Science TV

    Explore and observe the world through senses, and participate in investigations and learn about the effects of exercise

  • Aviatrice

    The story of the first European female pilot to break the sound barrier, told in her own words. In French with subtitles in English.

  • Beyond the Lines

    The opening sequence of this film swoops across an old map and students studying World War II may recognise the names of the Normandy landing beaches.

  • Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal agriculture, technology and ingenuity

    In 2014, Bruce Pascoe wrote a book called Dark Emu that challenged the belief that the First Australians were hunter-gatherers. In researching his book, Bruce examined the journals of the early explorers and found evidence of a complex civilisation that was using sophisticated technologies to live, farm and manage the land.

  • Bugwise

    Use this at-a-glance Bugwise Invertebrate Guide to identify insects, spiders and other invertebrates.

  • Cockatoo care information

    Explore information about cockatoo care and conservation including information sheets translated into a range of languages.

  • Conservation in the Magical Land of Oz

    Australia has some of the world’s most diverse nature and an array of wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • Cool Australia student toolbox

    This student toolbox is packed with all sorts or COOL info that will help you with your studies.

  • COVID-19: an online safety kit for parents and carers

    At eSafety we have put our heads together (though not too closely) and come up with this virtual safety kit, packed with evidence-based suggestions and trustworthy links to help you through.

  • Create a Photostory

    Learn how to create stories using photos. Step by step instructions show you how to plan and make your story using photos, and then how to change the meaning of a story by rearranging the photo order.

  • Cultural identity

    Cultural identity gives us a sense of connection and belonging and an understanding of who we are and where we come from. There is a direct connection between people's sense of cultural identity and their health and wellbeing.

  • Digital technologies for families

    This collection of lessons has been designed to complete in your home or around your local community to assist in building your child’s knowledge of the digital technologies curriculum.

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