Resources for Year 6 students

Resources for Year 6 students

Resources are available across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.



  • A Cartesian puzzle

    A problem solving task involving reading coordinates on a Cartesian plane and creating symmetrical quadrilaterals

  • Always, sometimes or never? Number

    A problem solving task involving reasoning about number properties including factors and multiples

  • Always, sometimes or never? Shape

    A problem solving task involving reasoning about the properties of 2D shapes

  • Animal and plant adaptations

    This primary science teachers resource explores what makes an organism suited to a particular environment? View a range of animals and plants to investigate adaptations that improve their chance of survival.

  • Beneath the Waves

    An interactive documentary exploring one of Australia's most unique, spectacular and mysterious marine environments: the Kimberley

  • Binary memory game

    In this activity you will play the game of Memory, collecting cards when you match a binary and decimal number.

  • Biography of Charles Dickens

    This animation from the BBC is a great introduction to one of the world’s best known authors.

  • Blockey games

    Explore this series of educational games that teach programming. They are suitable for children who have not had prior experience with computer programming.

  • Bushfire risk warnings - Year 6

    STEM Learning project - Curriculum resource module

  • Calculate your compost

    JP Williamson says that, on average, households produce 2.3kg of compostable food waste per week. Can you use this figure to calculate how much food waste your street produces each week? Using your best guess to estimate the average number of people per household in your neighbourhood, now calculate how much food waste per person is created each week. Do the numbers surprise you? Maybe you can contact your local council and find out about composting!

  • Celebrating language diversity

    These activities can be used by parents to learn along with your children and for teachers with your students. Whatever your age or ability you can have fun learning languages together!

  • Challenges and Choices - Resilience and Wellbeing - Year 6

    This focus area provides the explicit teaching of personal and social capabilities that foster resilience and wellbeing among Year 6 students.

  • Charles Perkins in Moree

    Australia in the 1960s was still a racially segregated country. What did Charles Perkins organise in 1965 to challenge racist attitudes and practises in regional NSW? Watch as people discuss what happened in Moree, which illustrates the division of that time, and learn about the difference Charles Perkins and his Freedom Riders made to the Aboriginal community of Moree.

  • Cockatoo care colouring

    A series of colouring in activity sheets that encourage further research of the three threatened species of black cockatoos endemic to South West WA.

  • Connectivity at home

    As a family you can investigate different forms of connectivity and discover which types can be paired with the digital systems you own.

  • Cracking a Code

    Crack the code - Play a game with a partner where you guess a 3 digit code. Change the game to create codes using favourite superheroes, foods or music. Take your new skills and learn how to create passwords with superpowers.

  • Creating a holiday blog

    This is a collaborative activity for you and your children. Together, you will create a blog to document the activities the children participate in. The blog can be shared with family and friends so they can stay connected.

  • Designed to Thrive for Life

    Explore how a plants DNA affects its survival, and how genetic technologies are being used in current research.

  • Difference Differently Level 2

    This resource helps children explore the challenges and opportunities created by diversity.

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Learning resources from across the nation

Learning resources from across the nation

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