Teacher housing and transport assistance

Teacher housing and transport assistance

Subsidised employee housing is available for many teachers working in our rural, regional and remote schools.

The amount of your rent subsidy varies in each location, usually depending on distance from major centres. Teachers working in the Remote Teaching Service receive free housing.

When you are appointed to a rural, regional or remote school the cost of relocating your furniture, personal effects, vehicles, and temporary accommodation is covered. Depending on your location and situation you may also be eligible for allowances to reimburse initial utility connection fees, wear and tear on furniture, subsidise your air conditioning, gas, hot water, and vacation travel. You may also be eligible for assistance with renting essential furniture offered through our housing program.

You will also be eligible for relocation support either to travel to a new appointment, when your appointment expires, or if you resign after teaching a minimum qualifying period. There is no qualifying period after teaching two years in the same location. 

Staff can access more information and apply through the Housing and Transport pages on Ikon, our intranet.

If you have recently accepted a position in a rural, regional or remote school and you do not yet have access to your employee number, contact our team at housing.transport@education.wa.edu.au for more information including eligibility.

Benefits calculator

Benefits calculator

Teachers working in many rural, regional and remote locations receive additional benefits. Use our benefits calculator to view what incentives and allowances apply to each of our schools.


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"In terms of moving up here… they did it all for you… they gave you a house, they moved everything. The housing is great."


"It was easy to pack up and move, the Department organised everything… if you’ve ever moved before you know what a challenge that is! That was definitely a bonus."


"There’s so much help for teachers to move to a regional area, they find you housing, transport your vehicle, move all your furniture and even your pet. For me that was a huge appeal."


"When I got the position they came to my house and packed up everything and moved it to my house here. You don’t have to worry about anything."

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