Special conditions and exemptions

Special conditions and exemptions

If your child has a diagnosed learning difficulty they may be eligible to sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) under special conditions.

Special conditions may include extra time and recommendations from their health professional.

We follow the protocols laid out in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s Guidelines for disability adjustments for timed assessments when allocating special conditions for the ASET. 

Test adjustments may include (but are not limited to):

  • large print test papers
  • extra time
  • use of a scribe
  • special equipment such as a laptop/device
  • answering in the question booklet
  • specific seating arrangements.

For more information on special conditions and exemptions, refer to Guidelines for parents.

Exemption from the ASET – arts applicants only

Children who are only applying for arts programs can request to be exempt from sitting the academic portion of the selection process. 

Please provide evidence to support the request at the time of application or complete the Arts-only exemption request form prior to the deadline. If approved, your child would be required to sit the ASET and will be selected on the basis of the arts program workshop/audition.

ASET adjusted conditions

Children with a diagnosed condition which may affect their ASET performance can apply to complete the test under adjusted conditions which take into account their particular needs.

Please provide evidence to support the request at the time of application or complete the Special conditions testing request form prior to the deadline.

Arts adjusted conditions

Children requiring adjusted conditions for arts workshops/auditions should contact Georgia Davies directly on 9264 5836.

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