Sustainability through upcycling

Sustainability through upcycling

15 December 2021

Events and initiatives

Hampton Senior High School has introduced a new five-week program called ‘Summer Days,’ which combines learning trade skills and sustainability.

Only starting this year, the program has already had six students participate and produce colourful and refurbished furniture

Year 9 student Shadow, with his refurbished furniture titled 'Days Gone By.'

Carolyn Woodacre, VET Coordinator at Hampton Senior High School, developed the program after she saw the positive student response to the TAFE led Try-a-Trade program.

“I collected all the furniture from roadside collections. The students then chose the piece of furniture they wanted to upcycle and how they would do it,” said Ms Woodacre.

The school partnered with the local The Hampton Shed Men where a volunteer tradesperson, with the help of school staff, taught them sanding, gluing, re-screwing, painting and polishing.

The students enjoyed learning the new techniques, seeing the end product after their hard work and being able to be creative with the furniture’s design.

“The best part about the program is seeing the boys being engaged,” said Ms Woodacre.

The program was designed to develop individual student skills whilst promoting and encouraging sustainability in the environment.

‘Summer Days’ is set to continue next year as planned for students in Years 7-9 and there will be more furniture for the students to refurbish.

Refurbished chair titled 'Old Man by the Sea' and a grazing board.

Ms Woodacre said the program is important for the students so that they are able to demonstrate their worth and achieve success.

The completed projects are now on display at the school for the local community and the staff to bid on, in a silent auction.