Doing more than keeping our schools clean

Doing more than keeping our schools clean

18 October 2023

Public school life

Today we celebrate ‘Thank your cleaner day’ and take a moment to appreciate the many hardworking cleaners that ensure staff and students in our public schools can learn and work in a clean and safe environment.

Even the newer and more modern schools, such as Bob Hawke College, need a host of workers to be kept clean. In many cases, these workers contribute more than we know.

Cleaner in charge at the Subiaco location, Carolina Caceres De Herrera, leads an amazing team and also coaches a student, Luke, who has been diagnosed with autism.

He also has a huge interest in cleaning.

As part of his learning program, Luke works with Carolina and the team every afternoon. 

College principal John Burke said it’s been an authentic coaching role that is unique for the cleaner in charge role. 

Staff at Bob Hawke College with student Luke.

“Carolina’s interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships with education assistants, our program coordinator for inclusion, and with our young people, have been critical for him (Luke) having the success that he is having,” Mr Burke said.

“Our school wouldn’t be as successful with that young person if Carolina wasn’t doing that work.

“Carolina and the hygiene team are critical part of our school culture they contribute on a daily basis to who we are, and we wouldn’t be the college we are without Carolina and the hygiene team.”

Carolina has worked at Bob Hawke College since it opened in 2020 and believes she is lucky to be able to work at such a beautiful school campus.

“I love working with our amazing principal and supporting admin staff and of course all the members of my team,” Carolina said.

“Cleaners are so important in our school communities, and I am so proud of my team, as they do their work with care and pride.”