STEM professional opportunities

STEM professional opportunities

Undertaking a placement in a STEM specialist school provides pre-service teachers with additional skills and experiences required for a range of educational settings.

Having the ability to teach and integrate STEM across all learning areas is vital to teachers and enables children to develop the skills needed to constantly adapt in a dynamic and evolving global landscape.

We have established STEM professional experience opportunities in four secondary schools where pre-service teachers gain specialised skills and participate in a STEM focused mentoring program. In addition to these, we have a large number of STEM specialist primary and secondary schools across the state suitable for professional experiences.

Our specialist pre-service teacher STEM schools also provide opportunities for all pre-service teachers to participate in a tailored professional learning program.

We encourage pre-service teachers from all specialist areas to participate in additional professional learning to broaden their cross-curriculum skills and prepare for a career in public education.


Ashdale Secondary College has state of the art facilities and a whole school STEM approach. As a teacher development school, pre-service professional experience opportunities include:

  • The ICT Approved Specialist Program focussing on an interdisciplinary approach across STEM subjects. The program includes two Institutes:
    • Creative Technologies Institute
    • STEM Institute.
  • Access to teaching mentors who use a STEM matrix to engage students in the transferable skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication across the curriculum.

Carine Senior High School recognises and prioritises a whole school approach to STEM with a focus on visible learning, creative thinking and problem solving. Pre-service professional experience opportunities include:

  • The Academic Extension Program offering lower secondary students the opportunity to participate in up to five extension classes including areas of mathematics and science.
  • The Gifted and Talented Program, our selective entrance program.

Comet Bay College is a highly-awarded STEM school with modern facilities. As a STEM teacher development school, pre-service professional experience opportunities include:

  • A STEM Innovation School, in partnership with our Innovation Unit, leading teacher development in STEM activities in schools.
  • The Gifted and Talented Program, our selective entrance program.

Melville Senior High School is a highly-awarded STEM school and leader in integrating technology and learning. Pre-service professional experience opportunities include:

A large number of our primary and secondary public schools across the State are committed to the development and implementation of a whole school STEM approach. These schools are recognised for their expertise in STEM, and have programs in place that support other schools and the teachers within them to collaborate and develop their own contemporary STEM practices.

Our Teacher Development Schools have been developed to offer professional learning on teaching and learning practices in specialised areas including mathematics, science, digital technologies, design and technologies and broader STEM across the curriculum.

View all STEM specialist public schools in WA.

Arrange your placement

If you would like to undertake a STEM professional experience at a public school, speak to your university professional experience team directly. Email us if you are unsure if your placement or selected school is suitable.

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