Graduation gift of art and culture

Graduation gift of art and culture

25 November 2022

Public school life

A Dreamtime-inspired artwork designed by an Ellenbrook Secondary College student has provided a personal touch of community and culture to the graduating Year 12s school gift.

The graduating class gifted a vending machine full of healthy food and drinks and held a Year 12 competition to design an art wrap for their gift.

Daylon Holst entered and won with his art piece which represented the college, the local community and Australia.

Daylon's art wrap for the vending machine.

Awards Signs, the design company creating the wrap, were impressed by Daylon’s artistic skills, and offered him full time work.

Daylon said his mum encouraged him to submit a design.

“I wanted to design something that had meaning for myself and the Year 12s,” he said.

“Aboriginal culture is important to me and I wanted to recognise the diversity we have at Ellenbrook Senior College.”

His art shares the themes of leadership, community, learning, Dreamtime stories and peace.

‘I have exaggerated the size of the man compared to the rest of the people to give off the impression that he is the leader of the group,’ an excerpt from the art description.

‘The meaning pairs with how the Year 12s are setting an example for the Year 7s and is a lot similar to how we operate ourselves at Clontarf with our values and attitudes towards the school and our peers. We strive to make everyone feel like they belong at school and give them the best chance at that by making it a safe place for all.’

‘Above the witchetty grub, you will find the Ellenbrook Secondary College logo, which I found almost exactly resembles the symbol for bush tucker. The logo paired with the design of the vending machine shows diversity within the school, and school is a key element in my life, and really wanted to expand on that by including it in the design.’

After seeing the art and Daylon’s CV, Awards Signs offered him a position.

“I’ve very excited to get a job through my art and to continue to grow my passion,” Daylon said.

Daylon standing with the canvas of his art.

Principal of Ellenbrook Secondary College Heath Dullard said he is extremely proud of Daylon, for his leadership at the school but also for the work he’s put into the artwork.

“His artwork shows his pride and understanding of his culture and also reflects the positive experience he has had during his time at the College,” said Mr Dullard.

“I am particularly pleased that he states he worked to make students feel they belong at school as this has been a focus for us at Ellenbrook Secondary College.”

Daylon’s next project is working with his new employer and the college to create a multi-cultural mural that the multi-cultural school committee has design.

The vending machine will be unveiled at the Year 12 graduation and canvas prints of his art will also hang in the front office, the Education Regional Office and at Clontarf.