Anzac Heroes App

Anzac Heroes App

07 June 2022

Events and initiatives

Comet Bay College will bring Anzac stories to life through a new augmented reality (AR) app called ‘Anzac Heroes App’.

Made in collaboration with Australian developer Viewpoint XR, the idea was sparked after an app called ‘Anzac Tom Imaginarium’ was incorporated into Comet Bay College’s Australian Military History Museum.

Comet Bay College principal Kelly Bennett said the interactive app had an AR character who spoke about their involvement in World War One and it captured people’s attention.

Year 7 student Noah Wood with Comet Bay College Defence School Mentor Claire Hunt.

“We could see the potential for further development of this type of exhibit, with exciting engagement and educational opportunities,” she said.

The new AR Anzac Heroes App will work by projecting realistic, three-dimensional avatars of the Australian Defence Force, straight into the classroom.

Students will learn from the apps five main features: AR Veterans, AR Portals, Veteran Voices, AR military vehicles and equipment, and a timeline acknowledging significant military dates in Australia’s history.

Animated veterans will share their service stories, through the app, and students will experience 360-degree immersive experiences of military history locations, and hear from veteran service people.

“Our students will assist with the collation of background research for the AR characters, and they will also participate in workshops and testing trials,” said Mrs Bennett.

With the help of a grant from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the app is in the planning stage with an expected nation-wide release by Anzac Day 2023.

Mrs Bennett said she hopes the app inspires students and encourages them to learn more about Australian history.

“It is a wonderful way to commemorate these veterans and thank them for their service, but also ensures their story is not forgotten in the hearts of all Australians,” she said.