19 years dedication to school community rewarded

19 years dedication to school community rewarded

07 July 2023

Reward and recognition

Kim Moore’s exceptional dedication and invaluable contributions to the school community, over the past 19 years, has been officially recognised.

The chaplain at East Kimberley College, Mr Moore recently received the prestigious Chaplain of the Year Award, at the Governor's Chaplaincy Awards. 

He was presented with the honour by His Excellency, the Honourable Christopher Dawson AC APM, at an event at Optus Stadium earlier this month. It recognises an individual as having shown exceptional compassion and community connection in their role as a chaplain. The evidence of their commitment to these ideals has positively impacted Western Australian communities.

Mr Moore's journey at the school began in 2004 when he became the first chaplain at East Kimberley College, which has approximately 1000 students, ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12.

His long tenure has provided him with a profound understanding of the local community's needs.

Whether it involves implementing new programs or engaging in meaningful one-on-one conversations, Mr Moore embraces the responsibility of being a support pillar for students, staff, and parents. In a remote school environment, where the transience of teachers is a reality, maintaining consistency is a challenging task that he has gracefully embraced. 

Kim Moore receiving Chaplain of the Year Award.

Not all rewards come with a shiny plaque and inscription though. One encounter with a Year 6 student going through a difficult time that he worked closely with, has clearly had a lasting impact on the lives of both the student and Mr Moore. Years later, the former student, who was then in his late 20s, returned to express their gratitude.

"He was so grateful for the help I gave him at the time," recalls Mr Moore.

"You often don't get to see the end result of your work, so it was really nice to see that come full circle.

“We shared a laugh when I told him that I still have a picture, he drew, hanging on my fridge at home.”

One aspect that Mr Moore particularly appreciates about his chaplaincy role is the strong partnerships between YouthCare, East Kimberley Regional College, and the local community.

His journey as the chaplain at East Kimberley College is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on a community. His unwavering commitment to supporting students, parents, and staff has earned him the well-deserved award.

Despite the challenges of operating in a remote school, Mr Moore finds joy in the wide age range of students he serves.

"The diversity in the day-to-day makes really makes the role enjoyable and rewarding," he said.

"We have lots of positive experiences, as well as some tougher situations. But we try our hardest to help where we can."