Excellence in cultural responsiveness award 2023

Aset Penerbit

Wananami Remote Community School, excellence in cultural responsiveness

Wananami Remote Community School sees providing a culturally safe and engaging learning environment for students as a priority.

This focus gives students the space to dream big, while remaining true to their Ngarinyin culture and heritage.

Wananami Remote Community School is located on Mount Barnett Station, in the Kimberley. It’s an incredibly remote location, 300 km from Derby, along the Gibb River Road.

Principal, Nikki Sandilands, says the community’s vision is for its students to thrive in ‘two worlds’.

To bring that vision to life, teaching and learning at the school recognises the Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing.

It also has a strong two-way science program that integrates Western Australian curriculum science, with traditional Aboriginal knowledge.

Together with a range of culturally responsive learning opportunities for language, the arts and culture, students are equipped with the skills to succeed and thrive at school and beyond.

The school’s staff are proud of the way they connect, collaborate and build relationships with the local community.

Nikki says the strong partnership between the school and its community is the key to its success.  

“We work together as one. We call this the Wananami Way,” she said. “It’s not your way, or my way, it’s our way, the Wananami Way.

“High expectations, mutual respect and listening are central to this approach. At its core is the shared belief that students can and will achieve success.”

“Students are encouraged to be strong, smart, proud leaders.”

This award recognises schools that lead the whole school community in strengthening their knowledge, understanding and respect for Aboriginal histories, cultures and languages.

  • Wananami Remote Community School
  • Brabham Primary School
  • Brentwood Primary School
  • Winterfold Primary School