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The school as a hub for extended services

“The significant infrastructure in schools should not be left idle for hours, weeks, months of the year. If we could have more use of our facilities, we happily would.”
Bernadette Jones, Principal Bullsbrook College

Bullsbrook College has worked with Kidz First Early Learning Centre to develop a formal agreement to use their school facilities for before school, after school and vacation childcare.

“Having out of school care on our school site is convenient for parents and makes sense for the community”, says Principal Bernadette Jones.

This partnership encourages positive relationships between the families and the school. Parents view the school as a hub and a place where extended services to support their family needs are provided.

Good planning and clear communication with Kidz First Early Learning Centre, has been the key to this successful partnership. The school renews the contract annually and feel ‘safe’ knowing the partnership is supported by the Department of Education.

Top tips for schools and communities considering doing something similar:
  • Maintain open lines of communication to ensure risk assessment and expectations for use of facilities are clear.
  • Establish warm and friendly relationships whilst holding compliance with the contractual agreement.
  • Provide clarity around roles and responsibilities.

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